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Mystery Book Reviews By Penny Mason

"A Mostly Cozy Mystery Book Review"

Who doesn't love to curl up in an easy chair with a great mystery story on a damp chilly day, or even better catch some rays on a bright sunny one, while losing oneself in an intriguing tale? Follow our mostly cozy mystery blog for leads on great reads from fresh and new to tried and true.

Our Featured Titles

Calming Your Canine - "One Simple Step to a Better Behaved Pet


Calming Your Canine

One Simple Step to a Better Behaved Pet

by Kathryn Gerwig

If your dog is behaving badly, this is the book for you. If you would simply like to form a healthier relationship with your pet, it will help with that too. No time to train? Don’t complain. This isn’t a book about long, formal obedience lessons. It’s about “lifestyle lessons”, a way to earn your pet’s respect and encourage calmer behavior as you go about daily life. Whether or not you plan to take your pet to formal obedience classes, the procedures in this book should be followed first. 

Front Porch Perspectives Vol. 1


Front Porch Perspectives-
Thoughts on Nature and the Nature of Life Volume 1 By Kathryn Gerwig

A collection of essays about nature and the nature of life – inspired by gardening, travel, a variety of life experiences - a great little gift book for yourself or a friend.

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